Anne-Marie Hodge (PhD student, UW)

Anne-Marie Hodge (PhD student, UW)

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I graduated from Auburn University in 2009, and recently finished my Master's degree at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Here, I studied niche partitioning mechanisms between sympatric carnivores in the eastern Andean foothills of Ecuador. For my dissertation work at UW, I will be studying mesopredator release in the context of environmental productivity gradients in the Laikipia region of Kenya.

My work is supported through a Berry Biodiversity Research Grant and the NASA Space Grant Consortium.

Recent Publications

Hodge, A.M.C. and B.S. Arbogast. 2016. Carnivore diversity at a montane rainforest site in Ecuador's Gran Sumaco Biosphere Reserve. Oryx 50:474-479. PDF


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